Congress Beer House

Featuring our hand-cut fries, House-Roasted Pulled Pork, Pickled red onion, Jalapeno, Corn, Tomato and smothered in three cheese: Cheddar Cheese, Cheese curds & Cotija Cheese  

Hometown Diner

Bacon, sausage, sautéed mushroom. caramelized onion, roasted red pepper, cheese curds, topped with maple gravy and a sunny side up egg.

Ace Burger

Who needs gravy when we have chili?! Loaded with crispy fries, caramelized onions, shredded cheese, house chili, green onions and topped with our signature sriracha mayo this poutine won’t disappoint! 

Smokes Poutinerie

Oh, Canada! Smokes Poutinerie bringing two of Canada’s unofficial national dishes for one stellar combination! // Traditional Poutine topped off with Cheesy KD, Dill Pickles, Prime ground beef, Ketchup Chips and a drizzle of Cheese Sauce. Does it get any more Canadian than that, Eh?


Odla Saskatoon is bringing us a “Fried Chicken Poutine” // featuring their classic poutine topped with a piece of crispy fried chicken and housemade coleslaw

Leopold’s Tavern

Feast your eyes on Leopold’s Tavern creation, “The Dill Pickle Perogy Poutine” 🤩🤩 This poutine will be available at Broadway, Rosewood, Evergreen and Warman locations!!

Gud Eats

It’s got some heat, but we promise you can handle it! Introducing the “Cajun Popcorn Chickn, Green Chili Mac n’ Cheez Poutine” from Gud Eats Inc. // Crispy Cajun spiced Yukon Gold Fries, Vegan Mozza, güd gravy, “creamy” green chili mac’ n cheez, topped with bread crumbs, Cajun popcorn chickn’ and fresh jalapeños!

Hudsons Pub

Dessert Poutine!? Yes please! “Rhubarb Caramel Poutine” by Hudsons Canada’s Pub // Cream cheese, skinny fries, cinnamon sugar, rhubarb coulee and mint spring. One of the many Poutines offered at Hudsons Pub!

Hearth Restaurant

Hearth Restaurant is making us want to curl up on this cold day and indulge in a Canadian’s favourite comfort food, poutine! // Beef tallow fries, cheese curds, chicken gravy, pickled potato, scallions and served with fermented tomato aioli!

Choices at STM College

Choices at St. Thomas More College – University of Saskatchewan is bringing “A Hot Mess in Mexico” to a table near you!
// With Confit Ancho chicken, hand cut fries, chocolate mole sauce and oaxaca cheese.

Cohen’s Beer Republic

‘The Fall Classic’ by Cohen’s Beer Republic 🤩 // Fresh cut Kennebec Fries, cheese curds, house-made beef gravy, ballpark frank sausage, yellow mustard, white onions!

The Yard and Flagon

First one up, “The Dirty Brunch” by The Yard & Flagon Pub!
The Yard’s famous Kennebec potato fries, cheese curds, hearty sausage gravy, sunny side egg, sriracha sauce and pickled green onions ($10)

Poutine Week is October 19th to 27th!

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