Win Big

Did You Know You Can WIN BIG just by eating #guiltfreepoutine?

Check out the video below to learn how you can win gift cards to your favorite #YXE restaurants throughout Poutine Week.

  1. Order a poutine at a participating restaurant.
  2. Post a photo and tag us.
  3. @YXEPoutine (Facebook/Twitter) or @yxe.poutineweek (Instagram).
  4. High five your friends and repeat.

Gift cards will be drawn daily on social media, so be sure to follow along and tag all your Poutine adventures.


Day 1 (Friday, October 27th): 

Day 2 (Saturday, October 28th): 

Day 3 (Sunday, October 29th): 

Day 4 (Monday, October 30th):

Day 5 (Tuesday, October 31st):

Day 6 (Wednesday, November 1st):

Day 7 (Thursday, November 2nd):

Day 8 (Friday, November 3rd):

Day 9 (Saturday, November 4th):

Day 10 (Sunday, November 5th):

Final Day Winner

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