Broadway Poutine Selections

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Las Palapas Resort Grill:

Menos (Spanish for less) – Less Traditional Poutine with yam fries, jalapeno infused bechamel gravy, shredded chillied pork, mozzarella)

Màs (Spanish for more) – More traditional Poutine with crisp Kennebec fries, smokey barbacoa gravy, bell peppers, mozzarella

The Yard & Flagon:

Braised Buffalo Wing Poutine (Yard & Flagon famous house-cut Kennebec potato fries, mozzarella cheese, turkey gravy, hot sauce braised pulled turkey, finished with a celery, carrot, blue cheese slaw, paired with a Stanley Park west coast lager. A drinkable beer with light hops).

Leopold’s Tavern:

Pulled Duck Poutine (fries, poulet gravy, curds, Saskatoon berry reduction, garnished with orange sauce and leaf blend – $16).

NOTE: Leopold’s is also offering their signature Poutine in their Rosewood location. 


The Burning Beard:

Italiano (Italian sausage with banana peppers, topped with green onion, cheese curd, and gravy).

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