2018 Poutine Partners

T-Squared Social Media: A Saskatoon-based social media management company with a focus on original content creation, photo, video and event support.

Thank you to T-Squared for all of your help and guidance on this project!

YXE Custom Co: YXE Custom Co was founded in the heart of Saskatoon in early 2014, to help businesses succeed in customer engagement, retargeting and growth. Since day one, we have had the opportunity to work with many businesses, sports teams, non-profit organizations and community groups.

yxelogonew2(1) (1).pngThank you to YXE Custom Co for all of your financial support on this project. 

FFUN Motor Group: The FFUN Group has established itself as one of Canada’s leading privately owned businesses. Built on a customer-centric, no-nonsense platform, it has since expanded to encompass a blend of these traditional community-focused values with an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit.

Today, FFUN is more than a name; it’s an outlook, a way of living and doing business. It is a group of companies unified by a culture of quality, passion, empowerment, innovation, optimism, and growth; each working to make the world a “FFUN” place!

ffun group

Thank you to FFUN Motor Group  for all of your financial support on this project.

7shifts: 7shifts is employee scheduling software designed specifically for restaurants. We help managers and operators spend less time and effort scheduling their staff, reduce their monthly labor costs and streamline team communication.

7shiftsThank you to 7shifts  for all of your financial support on this project.